You may have noticed that we have recently re-branded as Nalu Homes. We haven’t done this on a whim – but to mark a significant new stage in the growth of our business.

Although we’re stepping up a gear, our overall aim remains the same: to create affordable, luxurious homes that enable people to live a low-carbon life without compromising comfort or style. Until recently, we achieved this by designing and building our own net-zero carbon smart homes. But we want to do more. We want to help other housing developers to do the same.

Under our new name, Nalu Homes, we will provide other housing developers with the technology and methodology they need to build passive house-plus smart homes. Our solutions include the materials required to build high U-value homes with minimal environmental impact, and the smart renewable technology required to reduce domestic carbon emissions to net zero.

The new Nalu Homes vision is to build zero-carbon homes to an exceptional standard without the premium price tag – and to enable public and private sector developers to do the same.

Why now?

According to the UK Government’s Future Homes Standard, from 2025, all new homes must be built with low carbon heating and high levels of energy efficiency. An interim step, changing the regulations for conservation of fuel and power, is expected to come into force in 2022. As we see it, many large housing developers are going to have to adapt their practices to meet these new standards very quickly. And when they do, we will be there to help them.

We also want to help public sector organisations meet their current challenges – both with regards to reaching Net Zero by 2030 (as many have pledged) and to tackling fuel poverty. To meet these commitments, councils will need to ensure that all new social housing is built to the highest energy efficiency standards. We can provide the materials and expertise to enable councils to achieve their goals in the most cost-efficient way.

Our three-part solution

Our three-part solution is designed to accelerate the drive to net zero by enabling volume production of high-quality, low U-value homes.

1. Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) production

We are establishing two Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) system factories, capable of producing 550 homes each per year. Prefabricated SIP panels offer multiple advantages over traditional building methods, including exceptional draft proofing and insulation properties, and reduced environmental impact. They also speed up the construction process, enabling housing developers to save both time and money.

 2. Concrete Formwork (ICF) production

We are creating the UK’s first panelised Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) factory, capable of producing 1,750 homes a year. ICF is a simple construction process that uses hollow, insulated blocks. The blocks are placed in situ and filled with concrete to provide a solid wall. The ICF is then left in place – providing both internal and external insulation and reducing waste. ICF provides developers with a quick, economical, and flexible way to build energy efficient homes.

3. Investment in intelligent home management and renewable energy technology

We are partnering with Wondrwall, the UK’s leading home automation and home energy company. Wondrwall technology is already used in Nalu homes and maximises the efficiency of renewable energy systems – such as solar panels and battery storage – resulting in the potential to achieve a 90% reduction in domestic energy bills. This technology will provide developers with an affordable and scalable way to meet the Future Homes Standard’s requirements for energy efficiency.

What next?

We’re proud to become the first developer in the UK to offer a platform for net-zero carbon smart homes for the wider market.  By becoming a technology and methodology provider, we will enable housing associations and developers to build affordable homes that more than meet the Future Homes Standards and help the UK to meet its sustainability goals.

Through innovation and developing leading-edge technology we plan to grow our own business and, of course, we will continue to build our own net-zero carbon smart homes. Keep checking our website to see the latest developments, or email to find out more.

We are excited to have your support on this journey.