We’ve built our homes with your comfort and convenience in mind. There’s no need to understand the tech if you don’t want to. You can simply move into a warm comfortable home, save money on bills, and lower your carbon footprint at the same time.

But if you do want to ‘geek out’ on the tech behind naturally intelligent living – here’s a quick overview of how we’ve created your Nalu home.

The outside

Our mission is to create affordable homes that are warm, comfortable, and keep your energy bills down. To achieve this, we use an efficient construction process that ensures high build quality and maximum thermal efficiency – saving on both energy and bills.


Central to our build process is EcoWall370 – a closed cell timber frame system filled with earth-wool recycled insulation. EcoWall370 panels are built from sustainably sourced Scandinavian timbre, which has a low impact on the environment. As the superstructure of the homes is manufactured in the UK and then shipped to site the houses can be built much more quickly, and with significantly less waste, than with conventional materials.

Outstanding thermal insulation

As well as reducing the cost and environmental impact of the build, the EcoWall370 system offers outstanding thermal insulation and draft proofing. Current building regulations, for example, stipulate that walls of new builds should have a U value (insulation rating) of below 0.3. A typical EcoWall370 installation delivers a U-value of just 0.1 w/m2k, and Y Values as low as 0.02w/m2k, far surpassing current Part L requirements for conservation of fuel and power.

A complete renewable energy system

All Nalu homes are fitted with photovoltaic (PV) solar panels that generate free electricity from sunlight, and an efficient domestic battery that stores that energy until it is required.

Solar panels: The black, in-roof mounted solar PV modules are unobtrusive yet ultra-efficient. The 6.6KW system is designed to cover the average electricity demand of a domestic residence (based on Ofgem Class 1 Medium electricity load).

Battery storage: The ultra-compact, high-capacity battery stores solar and low-cost off-peak electricity for use at peak times, reducing electricity costs and reducing the load on the grid. Nalu homes are fitted with a 6.5kWh battery as standard.

Prepared for the future of transport

All Nalu homes are equipped with a 7KW system for charging your electric vehicles (EVs), with the ability to upgrade to a fast-charging 22KW system if desired.

The inside

Everything in your Nalu home has been future-proofed, with ducted electric installations throughout the properties. Networking cables are pre-installed in all bedrooms, kitchen and living area, plus digital TV aerial points in all bedrooms, and Sky cabling pre-installed in the lounge. There are USB-C/A charging points in each room.

Smarter energy use

All our homes are fitted with an intelligent living platform that works with your solar panels and domestic battery to dramatically reduce your energy bills. The beauty of the system is that you don’t even have to do anything – it does it all for you.


The intelligent living platform learns how and when you use energy and combines this knowledge with information about the weather, daylight hours and hourly electricity tariffs. It then uses artificial intelligence (AI) to decide when to charge the battery and when to use it.

For example, if you need to use power during peak tariff times, the platform will draw energy from the batteries to save you money. It might then recharge the battery from the grid at night-time when electricity prices are at their lowest. On the other hand, if the intelligent living platform knows that it will be sunny in the morning, it may not charge the batteries at night at all – allowing the solar panels to do the job for free.

The end result is a saving of up to 90% on domestic energy use.

Better comfort

Your new home will be equipped with electric underfloor heating throughout – allowing the intelligent system to adjust heating levels quickly and provide instant comfort when you need it.

As well as keeping your feet warm in winter, electric underfloor heating delivers a very even heat throughout the room, with no cold spots. And because you don’t need radiators, you have much more choice in how you arrange your furniture.

Total control and visibility

The intelligent living platform also integrates with smart, all LED flush ceiling lighting and Sonos music. Sit back dim the lights, and put on your favourite music, simply by using voice command, or using a handy app. The app also lets you check your energy use and see what you’ve saved at a glance, and lets you control and override any settings with a simple tap.

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